At the Core

Whatever your assumption about a particular apple, if the core is bad, then however it is prepared, you’ll likely end up with an inferior bite, or pie, or strudel.

Apple core? Every analogy breaks down somewhere. A bad apple can’t really be fixed, but we have the ability to fix core problems in society.

I see the problems around us but I know that in order to correct them there are no easy or quick fixes. Our polarized political system makes more of vilifying the other side and advancing self-seeking agendas than true reform, which is a difficult task at best. But we must keep trying.

Gun violence is abhorrent, and yet gun violence is not the only problem. There are still knives, fists, arson, bombs, cyber-bullying and other objects that can be and are used to harm others. There is no one fix to the problem of violence, because the problem is deeper and more complex than the method used. It is within the offenders. Our mental health system is in a terrible state, and our pediatric mental health system is even worse. Our culture is failing our young people in the formation of a healthy conscience, of a healthy body, of hope, and of individual resiliency.

My good friend, a decades-tenured college professor and wonderful, self-giving educator believes that education is the key. I would agree, except that it is not the only key. Earlier interventions are just as integral–including healthy prenatal environments and pregnancies, committed parents and guardians, and high-quality healthcare. No quick fix here, either. I believe that it is greed, corruption, fear and self-seeking that hinder efforts, that create future problems from impulsive actions, even when many deem those actions as needed. We are not great at evaluating long-term effects.

I avoid extreme arguments and stands because they rarely convince and they are rarely effective. The hardest work comes from getting into the most difficult of arenas, rolling up sleeves, examining evidence, arguments and proposed solutions, being willing to compromise, then agreeing on multiple strategies and preventative measures. Can we do this? Yes.

Will we? That is the question. We are up against much corruption.

Let us not fail. A divided populace is an impotent one. We need committed, selfless, caring citizens, advocates, lobbyists and elected officials to comprehensively fix problems at their core, to value and help our young people, our culture, our nation, and the world.

Though it was a recent meme on social media, the truth remains: We need much prayer.


Yes, Mom of ten, plus. Ten of our own, host-Mom of foreign exchange students and au pairs, and other wonderful young men and women. The latter were the direct influence of our special needs daughter, Mary Pat, and they have blessed us in innumerable ways. Past prime is okay; so many life experiences cause one to reflect on things learned and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

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