Loki Brain

I can’t be more excited that there is now a series focused on Loki from the Marvel Universe. Well I’d be more so if a seventh season of Downton Abbey were announced, but do check out the Disney channel if you are a Tom Hiddleston fan.

Loki is a “God,” or at least he believes himself to be one. Without spoiling too much, he has quite the wake-up call in Episode One. He has many issues. This will be apparent by the end. Wow, it is so well-done! His mind is spinning.

I have written about Dr. Caroline Leaf and her books. I have finished a couple of 21-day cycles which in her original book Switch on Your Brain she calls a “detox.” In later books I think she calls it “Neurocycling” as that is the name of the app which I use to go through the process. Her latest book is entitled Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess, and that’s the segue from Loki.

In the original book, she discusses that science and research support ancient and Biblical beliefs and writings about living a healthy life. It is very interesting. I have never felt (as a science major and nursing professional) that science disproved God; rather, quite the opposite. But regardless of whether you are religious or not, I would recommend her books, then recommend the Neurocycle App. Are there naysayers about her work? Sure, but you know what? Ignore them.

I am a person much like you, I’m sure, who has suffered traumas, sadnesses, abuse, disappointment, confusion, manipulation and other ravages of life. None of us seem unscathed, the more I meet and talk with people. If you think that you are the worst, or if you are the least affected, you are probably not accurate. Does everyone need to sort out messed-up thinking? No, many are blessed with excellent parental and other role models growing up, and few if any tragedies. But take a look at Dr. Leaf’s work, even if it is to help someone else.

I am better. I have never felt as healthy as I do now. Will more losses and traumas come in life? Inevitably and sadly, they will. I just wish I had known long ago, these supporting truths about brain health and how I can work out my thoughts and emotions successfully.

Memories are not just some mysterious electrical impulses in our brain, but are actually physical structures on our dendrites (nerve cells). They are constructed, and can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a way that helps us to move on in a healthy way from trauma. Dr. Leaf performed much scientific research and also worked for decades with patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She has statistical data on how this process improves lives.

I’m one more living example. I wish I could explain better; I think you just need to get one of her books. By the way, I have no advertising on my blog and no benefits from any recommendations.

It is a Wednesday, and I’m off to watch how Loki sorts out his mental mess in Episode 2…



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