There is enough negativity going on in the world. What are some positive aspects of humanity? Have you thought about your gifts to the world?

My husband has done an enormous amount of reading in his life. Though he may call our next-door-neighbor the wrong name, he remembers each book nearly verbatim–even those he read as a boy.

Only one of our many bookshelves…well, I guess two,
and a pile of books.

While I struggle to convey plot lines and names of characters right after viewing a movie, Bruce can retell it scene-by-scene over a period of 20-25 minutes, constructing quite a complete summary. He remembers facts and understands symbolism. I, on the other hand, empathize with the characters, get into their lives and struggles, and then relate to friends about how I “felt” about the movie as a whole.

Bruce is a problem-solver who sees solutions with impressive creativity. He really is the type of person who should be running for office. He is very, very fair and has no prejudice. He is brilliant and kind. Of the four communicator styles, he is the task-oriented “Doer” and the “Thinker.” Though not at all controlling, he can execute a plan well. Better still, he is the Thinker who sees a solution, makes a plan, and puts it into action. Both of us fall a bit into the “Influencer” category, but what I am the most is a “Connector.” The type who sees relationship and potential relationships, who intuits where connections need to be made for the mutual benefit of both parties. Ever a match-maker with friends and family, annoying as that may be (though I can claim a part in connecting some successful marriages!).

Ten-year-old not looking forward to my skills

I do not have the emotional fortitude or Spock-like even-keel to execute a huge plan. It is too emotionally up and down and exhausting on my psyche. For good or bad, I am an empathetic soul. Certainly not perfect. No monuments built by me. But I might find just the right carpenter or plumber or artist to help bring one to fruition.

What type of communicator are you? Have you ever thought about it? I see it as more like a facet of personality than a communication style.